Congratulations and a warm welcome to Heart4Art Club's Mod-Creative Plan!

We are thrilled to have you join our community of passionate artists and creators who are dedicated to taking their craft to new heights. This is your second step to becoming the professional artist you've always wanted to be. You'll receive everything in the Neo Creative Plan Plus:



Everything in the Neo Creative Plan

Opportunity to Overcome Financial Instability:  Showcase and Sell Your Best Artwork in our online gallery, and live auctions to gain exposure to a wider audience and potential buyers.

Exclusive Access to Live Skill Challenges: Engage in intensive skill challenges designed to push your boundaries and expand your repertoire.

Exclusive Access To Podcasts: These podcasts are focused on eliminating and overcoming challenges that artists face. No more hindrances! 

Exclusive Access To Books, Tools, & More: Receive first access to our books and tools tailored to help you grow as an artist, and break through the fear of moving forward!

FREE Scholarship- Have the opportunity to receive a FREE Scholarship and a Certificate in Christian Art