How to Draw God's Creation of the World with Color (Genesis Chapter 1)

How to Draw God's Creation of the World with Color (Genesis Chapter 1)

Genesis Chapter 1 in the Bible describes the magnificent creation of the world by God. It chronicles the creation of light, the heavens, land, plants, animals, and humans. As an artist, you can bring this wonderful account to life through the power of drawing. In this article, we will provide step-by-step tips on how to draw God's creation of the world in Genesis Chapter 1 with color. Follow along and embrace your creativity while bringing the beauty of creation to your artwork.

Drawing the Light:
To depict the creation of light in Genesis Chapter 1, start by using yellow pastels or colored pencils to create a vibrant sun-like shape in the center of your canvas. Add rays of light extending outwards, using lighter shades of yellow and white. By layering colors and blending them softly, you can capture the brilliance of God's first act of creation.

Drawing the Heavens:
The creation of the heavens is a mesmerizing subject to recreate on paper. Begin by using shades of blue to create a gradient from top to bottom, symbolizing the expanse of the sky. Add fluffy white clouds using gentle strokes of white pastels or colored pencils. Make sure to blend the colors smoothly to create a realistic sky.

Drawing the Land:
Now, let's capture the creation of land as described in Genesis Chapter 1. Start by drawing a horizon line across your canvas. Using various shades of green, create rolling hills and lush landscapes. To add depth, experiment with darker greens in the foreground and lighter greens in the distance. Consider incorporating trees, flowers, and other elements of nature to enhance the beauty of the scene.

Drawing Plants:
To draw the vegetation created by God, select vibrant colors such as green, purple, and red. Begin by sketching the outlines of flowers, trees, and plants. Then fill in the shapes with vibrant colors, using various shades to add depth and dimension. Pay attention to the intricate details of each plant, capturing the intricate beauty that reflects God's creative touch.

Drawing Animals:
In Genesis Chapter 1, God created an astounding variety of animals. Select your favorite animal or a few that represent the diversity of creation. Use a combination of bold lines and shading techniques to bring these creatures to life. Experiment with different colors and textures to capture the unique characteristics of each animal. Remember, the goal is to evoke a sense of awe and appreciation for God's creative genius.

Drawing Humans:
Lastly, let's depict the creation of humans in Genesis Chapter 1. Start by sketching the human form with light, gentle lines. Pay attention to proportion and posture. Once the basic structure is in place, add details such as facial features and clothing. Use colors that reflect the diversity of humankind, celebrating the unique characteristics and beauty of each individual.


Drawing God's creation of the world in Genesis Chapter 1 with color allows us to express our admiration for the marvels of nature. By following these step-by-step tips, you can bring this biblical account to life through your artistic vision. Embrace your creativity and let your artwork reflect the awe-inspiring wonder of God's creation.


Remember, practice is key to improving your drawing skills. So, grab your art supplies, open your Bible to Genesis Chapter 1, and embark on a journey of creating art that honors and celebrates the world made by God.




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