Heart4Art is a platform where artists can share their gifts and talents while also discovering ways that they can continue to grow and move forward as the artist God has called them to be. We are a community dedicated to uplifting and encouraging one other. Did you know that some of main challenges that artists face are financial instability, self doubt and fear, or even balancing their art life with their work life? 

Well, thats where we come in! We provide a platform where artists have an opportunity to showcase and sell their artwork through our online galleries and live auctions. You also have the opportunity to participate in our art contests and so much more. 

We also offer live workshops, sessions, weekly and monthly resources through our membership club below, to help you grow as an artist and overcome these challenges. 

In addition, you can receive access to our merch shop where you can put your designs on tshirts, mugs and more! So, what do you say? Are you ready to take your gifts and talents to the next level? If so, join the Heart4art Club Today!